Good Morning,

We are having another sunny morning. Yesterday we were blessed with a beautiful, sunny day. The wind was cold but the sunshine warmed it up.

I took a vacation day yesterday and enjoyed the weather by going to Shreve, Wooster, and Funk area to see how many different kinds of migrating waterfowl we could fine. We got 25, which was pretty good considering that some of the waters were still frozen and a few of the roads in the swamps were still flooded. A good way to spend a vacation day is to be in the great outdoors enjoying God’s wonderful creation with friends.

On Friday eve & Saturday, March 13th & 14th, there was a Ladies Seminar held at Gospel Haven Church for all Ladies that wanted spiritual refreshment and encouragement through topics by speakers and fellowship.

     According to the calendar, tomorrow is the first day of spring! The vegetable supply in our freezers is getting low, a sign the winter is about over. A good place to buy fresh fruits and vegetables is at the Auction grounds in Mt. Hope every Wednesday. One way to supplement our fresh greens is to grow sprouts. I did some with mung beans we have at Ashery. Soak a tablespoon or more of beans overnight in water. The next morning drain and rinse with cold water. Put in a sprouting container or glass jar. Put inside a brown paper bag, and set in a dark place at room temperature or warmer. Rinse every morning and evening. Once they have sprouted and grown a little, take out of the bag and let light get to it. Keep on rinsing them, and when they are as big as you want them, keep them in the refrigerator, eat and enjoy!
     Now that the snow has melted the farmers will soon be getting their plows out in hopes of soon being able to get into the fields. Although I see there is still a a huge pile of manure in the barnyard that needs to be spread in the fields.


I wish you all a Blessed Easter!